Travel the Pristine Mediterranean Waters Via Cruise Ship

Cruise Holidays Southern Europe

With so many enchanting culturally charged nations lining the Mediterranean Sea, crossing them all off your bucket-list through a cruise is a wise and economically viable option.

With year round trips available and the option of 9 different docks of departure, MSC Cruises might just be the perfect fit for your next stroke of wanderlust with a Mediterranean escapade.

You can depart for your wild journey in Civitavecchia, Italy before spending a night at sea destined for Genoa. Spend the day perusing Genoa’s romantic cobblestoned streets either through MSC’s expertly planned historical tour, or set off to explore the sites on your own. Get back on the boat for a scrumptious Italian inspired dinner of all the pasta, pizza and delectable fine wine your stomach can handle. Spend the night brushing up on your Spanish to prepare yourself for the following afternoon in the buzzing city Barcelona. While in this excitingly feral and captivatingly historic city, you can opt to take part in a 4 hour city tour or, again, explore the city on your own to your hearts content; just make sure to make it back on the boat again for some lively entertainment filled with professionally in-synch musical numbers with Flamenco dancers, live music and your included dinner. After Barcelona, you’ll spend a day at sea where you can lay out by the pool with an icy beverage, engage in some jovial camaraderie with your fellow passengers, pamper yourself at the spa or upload some of the artistic snaps from your first few days using MSC’s hi-speed internet. After spending a day each in some of Italy and Spain’s most charming port cities, you can move on to Morocco’s french colonialist city of Casablanca. Take a 3 hour coach bus to the old merchant streets of Marrakech; explore the markets filled with aromatic golden and crimson coloured spices, authentic crafts and luxuriant textiles before taking a day tour throughout the rest of Marrakech’s magnificently kitschy surroundings.

After 12-days of non-stop cultural envelopment and adventurous stimulation, your MSC Cruise ship will take you back to your embarking point. At this point, you can choose to continue your adventure or utilize one of the many varied, safe and reliable transportation links that are available in all 9 MSC Cruise embarkation points.

This is just one example of the many Mediterranean trips that you can cater to your exact wants, needs and style. Other points of interest that an MSC Mediterranean cruise can offer you include the South of France, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Tunisia and many more.

With MSC, you can choose a vacation in the realm of 1 to 5 days, 6 to 7 or more than 8 days touring the beautiful Mediterranean sea and the exciting countries at its shore.

For those looking to travel the Mediterranean with only the finest of amenities, Cunard Cruise Lines are second to none. All Cunard cruises depart from England’s South Hampton Shores and many trips do not return to the embarkation point, allowing travellers the opportunity to further explore the nations of the Mediterranean by land. Cunard offers all of the standard cruise services such as city tours, boat rides, water activities and live entertainment (to name a few) but carries them out with the utmost attention to detail and adds a healthy serving of opulence into the mix.