Start Your Year Off With a Luxury Cruise Across the World

Cruise Holiday Decking, Stairs

Even some of the most avid travellers can not say that they have experienced the world in it’s entirety. Reaching each corner of the world’s rocky surfaces, iciest berg’s, greenest grasses and sapphire waters is indeed an incredible feat that not many of us can say we have under our belt. That is why the concept of a world cruise is such a hot buzz word in the many travelling circles.

And if you are going to do it, why not do it with a lap of luxury?

Luxury world cruises are some of the most exclusive means of adventure out there and no other vessels can take you from shore to shore as lavishly as the likes of Cunard Cruise Lines. For a hefty but worthwhile price tag, you can hop on board one of Cunard’s three ships – named after British queens – at the beginning of every year for a three month excursion across some of earth’s most precious corners.

The Queen Mary 2 vessel begins and ends in Southampton. It promptly travels to New York City’s port, making its way down to the Caribbean, spending a few days in prominent South American cities like Rio de Janeiro, moving towards Polynesia with the visitation of isolated isles like Easter Island, saying hello to some of New Zealand and Australia’s port cities before travelling north to Hong Kong and taking a dip south towards the Gulf of Thailand, making a break for the Indian Ocean, eventually ending up in the Middle East to experience areas like Dubai and finishing it all off by hitting up Mediterranean ports before heading back to Southampton. Talk about a whirlwind adventure! Every day of your 121 day trip will be filled with a mix of jam-packed exhilaration or relaxation, depending on your mood.

Cunard’s other two vessels – Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria – offer slight variations of the aforementioned world tour, favouring some areas for longer periods of time and swapping out others for different regions. Queen Elizabeth differentiates itself by travelling all the way up to Japan. Queen Victoria hits up several off-the-beaten track spots such as Namibia’s Walvis Bay, the tiny Carribean island of St. Vincent and Northern Australia’s Darwin. With the option of three conveniently deviating trips, you’ll be sure to find an adventure that sparks your fancy enough to spend more than three months abroad.

Coastal Marina Ships & BoatsThere are a ridiculous amount of highlights up for grabs with these three world expeditions. Stay overnight at a wildlife safari with the hopes of catching a glimpse of lions in their natural habitat in South Africa. Go whale watching off the shores of Honolulu. Climb some of the world’s most renowned mountains. Visit some of the most architecturally beautiful temples, cathedrals and mosques on the planet. Finally get around to visiting the ancient pyramids. Tour the wine regions of Australia and South Africa.

Whatever your style, a luxury world cruise with Cunard will tick off all or most of your must-see boxes.

Beyond the many excursions you will embark on during this cruise holiday vacation of a lifetime, all three Cunard vessels are equipped with first class amenities. From a 5 star restaurant, to exceptional live entertainment, spa services and comfy bedding, Cunard offers you the comforts of land while at sea.

If you have three months to spare at the beginning of the year and have the means to do it, what are you waiting for? Start planning your luxury world cruise now!