Don’t Get Left at the Dock! The European Cruise of a Lifetime Can Only Wait For So Long

Cruise Holiday Dock - Left behind

Fancy making your next exciting whirlwind adventure a captivatingly thrilling European experience? An increasing number of people are choosing to travel countries like the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and Sweden (among so many others!) by way of a European Cruise.

Let’s face it, not everyone has time to plan an international trip by themselves, especially when you are hoping to hit several destinations in several countries. These kind of explorations involve the booking and coordination of planes, trains, busses and accommodation. In addition to this, with a traditional vacation, it is essential to do heavy research. Planning a vacation on your own involves ensuring you are staying in safe and clean accommodation, are booking tours with knowledgable guides, excursions with up-to-code equipment and on top of all that, you have to weave transportation into the mix.

With a cruise holiday, however, all of the complicated stuff is thrown aside. If you choose to travel by ship for your next trip through the shores of Europe, the only research you need to do is make sure the cruise line you choose is comfortable, has all the amenities you are looking for and, of course, travels to the countries you so desperately want to see in the time period that works for you. With most cruise deals, you are essentially paying for the knowledge of sleeping in safe accommodation and a means of transportation that delivers you to your destination in a timely manner – not to mention free meals, entertainment and a lively atmosphere composed of like-minded adventurous individuals!

MSC Cruises makes having an unforgettable vacation an incredibly feasible feat. Pick your date and country combination, show up at one of 6 easily accessible European embarkation ports in time to set sail and rest-easy knowing you don’t have to make any tedious decisions throughout the rest of your action-packed break from the everyday grind.

A typical MSC Cruise lasts between 3 to 12 days, includes comfy accommodation with the option of interior, ocean-view or balcony lodging, live entertainment, pool access and all basic meals at no additional cost. You can also choose to add on packages including unlimited alcoholic beverages, so that you don’t have to worry about having cash on you at all times while on the ship.

Cruise Holiday - open cove area with boatsWhile off of the ship, however, you can choose to participate in one of the many excursions MSC Cruise lines organises for its guests. Be it a cycle tour through the streets of Estonia’s Tallin, boating in Germany’s Warnemünde, sightseeing St Petersburg’s most beautiful cathedrals or castles in Copenhagen, you will not be left disappointed. If you are not keen on straying from the pack and travelling the city on your own, make sure to book a package that includes some of the aforementioned excursions.

If you have the extra capital to shell out in exchange for a more splendour experience, then Cunard Cruise Lines are the way to go. Departing from the port city of South Hampton in England, one of Cunard’s lavish Queen Mary ships will take you for a breezy cruise to European destinations in the likes of Dublin, Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Glasgow, Hamburg, St Tropez and at least a dozen other electrifying cities easily accessible through the many port cities. Activities include, but are not limited to, day-trips that will give you a chance to envelope yourself in the food, culture and overall vitality of the many destinations you will travel on this vacation of a lifetime!