Decorating for Condo-Sized Living Spaces

Modern Home Furniture

In today’s modernised times, there are an increasing amount of people choosing to flock from their country and suburban lifestyles to enjoy the fruits of the city limits. With more and more people opting to live in the smaller living quarters that city living entails, condos are on the rise, so to speak. In fact, the lifestyle of living in a condo is becoming so prevalent that it is even penetrating the typically space-loving suburban markets.

Due to this growing number of high-rises, there has been a rather recent push for innovative furniture designs that are accommodative to an increasingly limited amount of space. These original designs are lightweight, multitasking and often even have compacting abilities.

While futons are an age-old invention that are known for being a cheap hybrid of a bed and sofa, there are many quality versions of these pieces of home furniture that are being used in studios and loft spaces in the high-rises of virtually every major city in the world. These creations are technically not futons, as their folding nature is much more complex, innovative and overall different. This can be by a sleek and easy sliding motion, a bed that literally levitates up a wall to make room for a sofa, to a bed that is attached to the wall and folded up against it with the use of springs when extra space is necessary.

Several businesses cater to this compact space niche market alone, leaving you with the convenience of finding all your furniture in one single place. However, many of these niche businesses are geared towards buyers of high affluence and include elaborate construction methods that leave many people to reconsider the futon route.

Luckily for those of us not able to splurge on furniture, though, you don’t have to break the bank in order to live compactly. Even budget-friendly outlets such as Ikea are catering to this growing need for innovative compact living room furniture designs; the international company even dedicates an entire line towards the construction of livable small rooms. The creation of adult-sized loft beds is the easiest and therefore number one method of increasing space efficiency within small areas. Condo and close living space dwellers can make use of the benefits of a double-sized loft bed that leaves plenty of room underneath for an office or sofa without the frighteningly high price tag of a bed that levitates towards the ceiling at the push of a button.

If you do choose to go purchase a futon, though, there are entire stores dedicated to these multifunctional pieces of furniture. Though they are available for extremely budgets to cater to those living in dorm rooms and temporary living arrangements, believe it or not, they come in luxury models as well. Playing towards the condo dwelling market, an innumerable amount of companies offer futons that can serve as both a comfortable and lavish looking sofa in addition to a dreamy bed.

As you can see, modern day high-rise living is so much more innovative and considerably more comfortable than the days of the futon. Gone are the days of the “bachelor” stigma that follows those leaning towards more untraditionally small living arrangements, everyone and their dog is doing it! It is now easier than ever to live in a studio flat, with furniture allowing you to seamlessly transform your unique space from living room to bedroom with the bat of an eye.