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How To Be Appealing To Women: A Guide For Guys

Mens Haircuts and Style Advice

Description: Check out these tips on how to be attractive!

There are several requirements you should fit if you want to be appealing to women. None of them are extraordinary, though.

  1. Dress To Impress

Dressing nicely is one of the key steps if you want to be appealing to the opposite sex.

  • Keep stylish. Oversized clothing and basketball shorts are acceptable when you are sixteen, but they are not when you are 20+. Invest in several fashion staples. Buy several dress shirts and dress pants, a couple of V-necks and jeans, as well as a soft leather jacket. Consider obtaining a two-piece suit and several ties too. This way you’ll always be prepared. It’s time to leave the teenage outfits behind and to move on to adult-appropriate clothing.
  • Choose smart. When buying, items make sure they fit you properly. Consult your father, older brother, stylish friends, or even a salesperson on their opinion. They will be able to tell you whether the articles you choose are suitable for your body type. Remember, clothing has to enhance your positive qualities and hide the negative ones, not just hang on you. You are not the rack.
  • Clean up well. Keep your clothes clean, pressed, and fresh smelling. Polish your shoes every time you leave the house. Don’t wear something if it has stains on it or if it is wrinkled. All of it will make you look sloppy and immature.
  1. Groom Well

  • Maintain good hygiene. Being clean is mandatory, my friend. Body odor and greasy hair don’t go well with a suit and a crisp, white shirt. They don’t go with anything for that matter. Make sure to take a shower at least once a day, to brush and to floss your teeth at least twice a day, and to wash and condition your mane two to three times a week.
  • Body hair is OK if there is not too much of it. Some people like it, some people don’t. Either way, if it is too long or too thick, it loses its appeal. Trim or shave the excessive hairs on your anatomy to avoid grossing your potential partner out.
  • Smell nice. It does not matter whether you choose to use a pleasant-smelling body wash or an expensive cologne, but you have to use something. Women are much more attracted to nice-smelling men. It does not mean you should go overboard with the application, though. Sprinkle a little bit of the product on the damp skin of your neck or inner elbows and you are good to go.
  • Get a flattering haircut. You won’t be mistaken if you decide to get a new hairstyle. Research different fashion haircuts for men and don’t be afraid to schedule an appointment at your local barbershop!
  1. Be A Gentleman

No one likes an asshole, and if someone does, they are surely not the person you want to be associated with. Be the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Contrary to the popular opinion, good guys do not finish last. Insecure and unmotivated guys do. Don’t be that guy, be polite and respectful as well as secure and confident. Being rude has never helped anyone to find a girlfriend, trust me.

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How Far Has Your Mobile Phone Addiction Gone?

Mobile Phone Usage & Addiction

We’ve all heard of the horrors of cocaine addiction. You may have stared into the glazed eyes of a heroin junkie. Perhaps you have witnessed the erratic behaviour of someone high on crystal meth. Did you look at them with scorn and think “It will never happen to me?”

What if it already has? The question that needs to be asked is: “Are you a mobile-phone addict?”

So… are you addicted?

Cell-phone addiction is no laughing matter and it is a lot more prevalent than you may imagine. For some, the only option left is to check into rehab. One such facility, which offers specialised treatment programs for cell-phone addiction, is reStart.

Based in Redmond, WA; reStart takes the same systematic approach to cell-phone addiction as it would to kleptomania, gambling and other behavioural addictions. Researchers warn that the number of cell-phone addicts is on the rise. This is hardly surprising considering that 82% of Americans surveyed admitted to the addictive effects of mobile phones.

But what actually triggers this addiction? Scientists have managed to link the Addiction to Mobile Phonesrelease of dopamine – the brain chemical responsible for happiness – to cell-phone usage. While most of us are able to cope with normal cell-phone usage, people who manifest underlying psychological problems, such as depression, are more likely to succumb to this type of addiction.

Cool and uncool

  • Getting simple pleasure out of surfing the web when you’ve nothing better to do or need to find something is considered harmless. Indeed, such an activity is socially acceptable. What differentiates this type of behaviour from that of a full blown addict? What are the warning signs that you should be on the alert for? Some of the typical symptoms include the following:
  • Reading or responding to text messages while driving. This reckless behaviour is incredibly irresponsible. Those guilty of this behaviour are not only a danger to themselves, but pose a very real risk to other road users as well.
  • Feelings of anxiety, irritability or depression when data runs low or if the WiFi signal cuts out.
  • Feelings of separation anxiety or panic when you misplace or cannot find your phone immediately.
  • Constantly checking your phone for messages without having heard notification alarms or vibrations.
  • Checking your phone messages during inappropriate moments, for example during a business meeting or while out on a romantic date.
  • Checking your phone the second you wake up or falling asleep while using your phone.

OMG! Do I need rehab?

Now that you are aware of the symptoms, ask yourself once again, “Are you a cell-phone addict?” If you can say ‘yes’ to each of the points listed above, then there’s a strong chance that you may have a real problem.

However, before you rush off and book yourself into rehab, take a breather. Ironically, there is an app that has been designed to monitor cell-phone usage and make you aware of your addiction levels. Called “Break free cell phone addiction” this app will provide you with tools to help reduce addictive behaviour.

If you are a parent who is concerned that your child may be a cell-phone addict, another very nifty app to consider is “Screentime Parental Control.” With this app you are able to block access to other apps, set daily time limits, block social networks and games during school hours and even use your own phone to over-ride your child’s phone. Very neat!


Decorating for Condo-Sized Living Spaces

Modern Home Furniture

In today’s modernised times, there are an increasing amount of people choosing to flock from their country and suburban lifestyles to enjoy the fruits of the city limits. With more and more people opting to live in the smaller living quarters that city living entails, condos are on the rise, so to speak. In fact, the lifestyle of living in a condo is becoming so prevalent that it is even penetrating the typically space-loving suburban markets.

Due to this growing number of high-rises, there has been a rather recent push for innovative furniture designs that are accommodative to an increasingly limited amount of space. These original designs are lightweight, multitasking and often even have compacting abilities.

While futons are an age-old invention that are known for being a cheap hybrid of a bed and sofa, there are many quality versions of these pieces of home furniture that are being used in studios and loft spaces in the high-rises of virtually every major city in the world. These creations are technically not futons, as their folding nature is much more complex, innovative and overall different. This can be by a sleek and easy sliding motion, a bed that literally levitates up a wall to make room for a sofa, to a bed that is attached to the wall and folded up against it with the use of springs when extra space is necessary.

Several businesses cater to this compact space niche market alone, leaving you with the convenience of finding all your furniture in one single place. However, many of these niche businesses are geared towards buyers of high affluence and include elaborate construction methods that leave many people to reconsider the futon route.

Luckily for those of us not able to splurge on furniture, though, you don’t have to break the bank in order to live compactly. Even budget-friendly outlets such as Ikea are catering to this growing need for innovative compact living room furniture designs; the international company even dedicates an entire line towards the construction of livable small rooms. The creation of adult-sized loft beds is the easiest and therefore number one method of increasing space efficiency within small areas. Condo and close living space dwellers can make use of the benefits of a double-sized loft bed that leaves plenty of room underneath for an office or sofa without the frighteningly high price tag of a bed that levitates towards the ceiling at the push of a button.

If you do choose to go purchase a futon, though, there are entire stores dedicated to these multifunctional pieces of furniture. Though they are available for extremely budgets to cater to those living in dorm rooms and temporary living arrangements, believe it or not, they come in luxury models as well. Playing towards the condo dwelling market, an innumerable amount of companies offer futons that can serve as both a comfortable and lavish looking sofa in addition to a dreamy bed.

As you can see, modern day high-rise living is so much more innovative and considerably more comfortable than the days of the futon. Gone are the days of the “bachelor” stigma that follows those leaning towards more untraditionally small living arrangements, everyone and their dog is doing it! It is now easier than ever to live in a studio flat, with furniture allowing you to seamlessly transform your unique space from living room to bedroom with the bat of an eye.

Transform Your Child’s Bedroom into a Space Fit for a Teen

Bedroom Furniture Girl

If you’re a parent, I don’t have to tell you just how quickly children grow up. Right before your eyes, they go from innocent and sweet little toddlers to teenagers who are all of a sudden begging you for extended curfews and money to go to the mall in seemingly no time at all. Like the shoes and the clothes that your teenagers have grown out of time and time again, it is not long after that first plead for a curfew extension that they will grow tired of that Disney princess or dinosaur themed room.

If you are not keen on performing the often grueling task of a room makeover for each and every stage of their development, it’s a good idea to plan for a gradual transition early on in their life.

A cardinal rule to making a child’s room easily transitional from stage to stage is to keep the paint on the walls plain and neutral; this means resisting the urge for excessively bright colours, decals, quotes, drawings, or any other timely and obstructive permanent addition to the wall that you can think of.

Instead of the time consuming method of painting and repainting every sum odd years, to save yourself time and money, you can opt to keep the walls a neutral colour and decorate around them with home furniture, pictures and hanging art.

Home Furniture StairsThe latest trend in child and adolescent bedroom furniture are loft beds. When your child is small, they can use the space under the bed as a play area. Place a fun and decorative mat underneath the bed with a toy chest to the side. In the corner you can even place a bean bag or other variety of comfy chair for story-time. You can afford to purchase a quality loft bed because, as your child gets older, you can easily and gradually swap out items like the toy chest and mat in lieu of a desk and computer chair. The benefits of this style of bed are that its trendiness will be alluring to children and teenagers alike, as well as the fact that it is an incredibly innovative method in reducing wasted space in a bedroom.

Another option is to purchase a single bed with another pull out bed from underneath. As your children get older, they may wish for a bigger bed. With the option of an additional pull-out bed, teenagers have a fun space to host their friends when they come over for sleepovers. Although this will vary from case to case, going with this method may just save you from countless hours of a teenager bargaining for a larger sized bed.

The wall coverings you hang in your child’s room can easily be changed from cute pictures of rainbows and bunnies to life-sized posters of teenage heartthrobs and red ferraris in no time at all. You don’t even have to worry about leaving holes in the wall with nails, either. Companies such as 3M offer highly affordable products with the ability to hang even heavy objects without leaving the slightest trace of their existence upon removal.

With these few tips and tricks, you can hope to safe money and reduce the amount of time and effort spent painting and reinventing your child’s room over the years by swapping design elements at a steady pace.

The Perfect Low-key Backyard Escape

Outdoor garden furniture

Your life is already busy enough without adding the regular maintenance of an elaborate outdoor garden set up into the mix. That’s why, when planning your backyard sanctuary, you’ll want to pick and choose items and accents that virtually take care of themselves. If you have no idea where to start in designing your low-key escape, read on for some convenient tips and tricks.

One of the most important purchases for your backyard set up will be your garden furniture, so this is not where you’ll want to cheap out. Not only will the furniture be one of the first things people will notice upon walking through the space but it will also be the first to show signs of wear and tare. Especially if you are on a budget and want to minimize the time in which it is necessary to purchase new garden furniture, pick materials that are both water and flame retardant and colours that easily mask stains (black and dark grey tones are always a good go-to). To compliment your furniture, you can introduce cozy throws in interesting designs to add a little flavour to a basic outdoor set. Other accents to place near the furniture that could play into your theme and are easy to maintain include interesting candle holders and succulents with unique clay pots or wicker baskets. Simply store these items nearby and bring them out every time the family goes outside to enjoy the garden.

While succulents are a great hassle free living plant, don’t be afraid to utilise artificial plants to your backyard garden as well. Artificial plants are the ultimate winners of low-key backyard sanctuaries and you would be surprised to see how many people are opting towards them for this reason. The artificial variety of plants are a great idea for creating dividing walls and sectionals out of shrubbery. These staples can be quite large and if you were to slack on watering them with a traditional plant, they’d become an embarrassing eyesore and completely upset the atmosphere you’ve worked so hard in creating. Another use for them is in topiaries, which can also be used as a divider, to line pathways, or to make up for empty space. Compliment your artificial plants with a few non fussy succulents and you will be well on your way to the optimal chilled out garden vibe.

Having a barbecue is a backyard staple but if you’re putting all of this work into creating a calming environment, the eyesore you’ve been using for the past couple of decades just won’t do. Decide if the decor you have set out calls for a minimalist charcoal burner or an elaborate three-tiered stainless steel grill-master 3000 and go from there. If you want to get fancy, however, you can craft a grill that truly blends in to your environment. Many people create their own custom barbecues with the art of masonry. Not only is this an elegant touch that will have your guests in awe every time they visit, it will also blend right into its environment instead of being a distractor at the corner of your eye that does not fit in with the rest of your decorating scheme.

If you are willing to shell out the funds, paying a little extra for quality garden accessories will grant you a backyard sanctuary that is basically self-sufficient.



Bring the Cottage to Your Garden

Outdoor Garden & Balcony

Not everyone is capable of purchasing a summer home; and even for those who do own a cottage, it’s not always possible to step away from the every day grind for long enough to get away. So why not take everything that you love about the cottage and bring it to your own backyard? Imagine extending your living quarters by opening up your back door to an outdoor living room. Picture yourself enjoying all of the comforts of home while breathing in the crisp fresh air of the outdoors.

The best thing about a backyard cottage is that there is no downpayment, no mortgage, no traffic, and it can be a fun and gradual project that you can work on slowly but surely until you master the quintessential backyard retreat. Before you know it, you’ll be entertaining guests every weekend with cocktails, marshmallows and storytelling by the fire.

In order to achieve an immaculate outdoor garden sanctuary that will serve as the ultimate point of relaxation for all of your loved ones, there are a few essential items you need to have in place.

It’s no secret, delicious food is a great way to bring people together. So what would a comfortable backyard haven be without a barbecue? A barbecue is essential for entertaining; there’s something about the charcoal grill that everyone seems to love. Perhaps the grill marks bringing the feeling of nostalgia for lost summer nights, maybe it’s the essence of the great outdoors, but whatever the case, this item should be the first on your list (that is, if you don’t have one already).

Next, if you’re going to be serving up food from the barbecue, you’re going to need somewhere to sit! Garden furnitureBarbecue & Garden Setting Outdoors is an absolute must for your outdoor retreat. Make sure to choose a set that will endure the harsh effects of nature. If you live somewhere with a formidable winter, you’ll either need to find a storage area for your cushions, choose a set without fabric, or opt for a fabric that will withstand the pesky ice and snow. When deciding on garden furniture, you’ll also have to consider how many guests you intend on hosting on a regular basis to avoid your guests having to stand while they eat your delectable dishes. Additionally, your outdoor furniture will make a paramount stamp on the overall atmosphere of your retreat, so choose a set that reflects the colour scheme and theme you have intended.

Although there are many elements to the perfect backyard retreat, the final essential component is to properly decorate the space to enhance its atmosphere. Artificial plants are a great adornment for an outdoor garden; they will never die, they can withstand the tests of nature and with today’s technologies, they appear to be more real than ever. Among the many uses of artificial plants are large space dividers, decorative walls, topiaries, bamboo furnishings, palm trees in areas where they are not possible to grow and so many more. With artificial plants, you can have the tropical oasis you always dreamed of without having to pack your bags for the Caribbean. You can turn your backyard into a calming zen paradise. You can shape your space into everything you always dreamed of.

Once you’ve added these three elements to your outdoor garden, you are well on your way to having a backyard that will be the talk of your entire neighbourhood!