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Start Your Year Off With a Luxury Cruise Across the World

Cruise Holiday Decking, Stairs

Even some of the most avid travellers can not say that they have experienced the world in it’s entirety. Reaching each corner of the world’s rocky surfaces, iciest berg’s, greenest grasses and sapphire waters is indeed an incredible feat that not many of us can say we have under our belt. That is why the concept of a world cruise is such a hot buzz word in the many travelling circles.

And if you are going to do it, why not do it with a lap of luxury?

Luxury world cruises are some of the most exclusive means of adventure out there and no other vessels can take you from shore to shore as lavishly as the likes of Cunard Cruise Lines. For a hefty but worthwhile price tag, you can hop on board one of Cunard’s three ships – named after British queens – at the beginning of every year for a three month excursion across some of earth’s most precious corners.

The Queen Mary 2 vessel begins and ends in Southampton. It promptly travels to New York City’s port, making its way down to the Caribbean, spending a few days in prominent South American cities like Rio de Janeiro, moving towards Polynesia with the visitation of isolated isles like Easter Island, saying hello to some of New Zealand and Australia’s port cities before travelling north to Hong Kong and taking a dip south towards the Gulf of Thailand, making a break for the Indian Ocean, eventually ending up in the Middle East to experience areas like Dubai and finishing it all off by hitting up Mediterranean ports before heading back to Southampton. Talk about a whirlwind adventure! Every day of your 121 day trip will be filled with a mix of jam-packed exhilaration or relaxation, depending on your mood.

Cunard’s other two vessels – Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria – offer slight variations of the aforementioned world tour, favouring some areas for longer periods of time and swapping out others for different regions. Queen Elizabeth differentiates itself by travelling all the way up to Japan. Queen Victoria hits up several off-the-beaten track spots such as Namibia’s Walvis Bay, the tiny Carribean island of St. Vincent and Northern Australia’s Darwin. With the option of three conveniently deviating trips, you’ll be sure to find an adventure that sparks your fancy enough to spend more than three months abroad.

Coastal Marina Ships & BoatsThere are a ridiculous amount of highlights up for grabs with these three world expeditions. Stay overnight at a wildlife safari with the hopes of catching a glimpse of lions in their natural habitat in South Africa. Go whale watching off the shores of Honolulu. Climb some of the world’s most renowned mountains. Visit some of the most architecturally beautiful temples, cathedrals and mosques on the planet. Finally get around to visiting the ancient pyramids. Tour the wine regions of Australia and South Africa.

Whatever your style, a luxury world cruise with Cunard will tick off all or most of your must-see boxes.

Beyond the many excursions you will embark on during this cruise holiday vacation of a lifetime, all three Cunard vessels are equipped with first class amenities. From a 5 star restaurant, to exceptional live entertainment, spa services and comfy bedding, Cunard offers you the comforts of land while at sea.

If you have three months to spare at the beginning of the year and have the means to do it, what are you waiting for? Start planning your luxury world cruise now!

Don’t Get Left at the Dock! The European Cruise of a Lifetime Can Only Wait For So Long

Cruise Holiday Dock - Left behind

Fancy making your next exciting whirlwind adventure a captivatingly thrilling European experience? An increasing number of people are choosing to travel countries like the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and Sweden (among so many others!) by way of a European Cruise.

Let’s face it, not everyone has time to plan an international trip by themselves, especially when you are hoping to hit several destinations in several countries. These kind of explorations involve the booking and coordination of planes, trains, busses and accommodation. In addition to this, with a traditional vacation, it is essential to do heavy research. Planning a vacation on your own involves ensuring you are staying in safe and clean accommodation, are booking tours with knowledgable guides, excursions with up-to-code equipment and on top of all that, you have to weave transportation into the mix.

With a cruise holiday, however, all of the complicated stuff is thrown aside. If you choose to travel by ship for your next trip through the shores of Europe, the only research you need to do is make sure the cruise line you choose is comfortable, has all the amenities you are looking for and, of course, travels to the countries you so desperately want to see in the time period that works for you. With most cruise deals, you are essentially paying for the knowledge of sleeping in safe accommodation and a means of transportation that delivers you to your destination in a timely manner – not to mention free meals, entertainment and a lively atmosphere composed of like-minded adventurous individuals!

MSC Cruises makes having an unforgettable vacation an incredibly feasible feat. Pick your date and country combination, show up at one of 6 easily accessible European embarkation ports in time to set sail and rest-easy knowing you don’t have to make any tedious decisions throughout the rest of your action-packed break from the everyday grind.

A typical MSC Cruise lasts between 3 to 12 days, includes comfy accommodation with the option of interior, ocean-view or balcony lodging, live entertainment, pool access and all basic meals at no additional cost. You can also choose to add on packages including unlimited alcoholic beverages, so that you don’t have to worry about having cash on you at all times while on the ship.

Cruise Holiday - open cove area with boatsWhile off of the ship, however, you can choose to participate in one of the many excursions MSC Cruise lines organises for its guests. Be it a cycle tour through the streets of Estonia’s Tallin, boating in Germany’s Warnemünde, sightseeing St Petersburg’s most beautiful cathedrals or castles in Copenhagen, you will not be left disappointed. If you are not keen on straying from the pack and travelling the city on your own, make sure to book a package that includes some of the aforementioned excursions.

If you have the extra capital to shell out in exchange for a more splendour experience, then Cunard Cruise Lines are the way to go. Departing from the port city of South Hampton in England, one of Cunard’s lavish Queen Mary ships will take you for a breezy cruise to European destinations in the likes of Dublin, Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Glasgow, Hamburg, St Tropez and at least a dozen other electrifying cities easily accessible through the many port cities. Activities include, but are not limited to, day-trips that will give you a chance to envelope yourself in the food, culture and overall vitality of the many destinations you will travel on this vacation of a lifetime!

Travel the Pristine Mediterranean Waters Via Cruise Ship

Cruise Holidays Southern Europe

With so many enchanting culturally charged nations lining the Mediterranean Sea, crossing them all off your bucket-list through a cruise is a wise and economically viable option.

With year round trips available and the option of 9 different docks of departure, MSC Cruises might just be the perfect fit for your next stroke of wanderlust with a Mediterranean escapade.

You can depart for your wild journey in Civitavecchia, Italy before spending a night at sea destined for Genoa. Spend the day perusing Genoa’s romantic cobblestoned streets either through MSC’s expertly planned historical tour, or set off to explore the sites on your own. Get back on the boat for a scrumptious Italian inspired dinner of all the pasta, pizza and delectable fine wine your stomach can handle. Spend the night brushing up on your Spanish to prepare yourself for the following afternoon in the buzzing city Barcelona. While in this excitingly feral and captivatingly historic city, you can opt to take part in a 4 hour city tour or, again, explore the city on your own to your hearts content; just make sure to make it back on the boat again for some lively entertainment filled with professionally in-synch musical numbers with Flamenco dancers, live music and your included dinner. After Barcelona, you’ll spend a day at sea where you can lay out by the pool with an icy beverage, engage in some jovial camaraderie with your fellow passengers, pamper yourself at the spa or upload some of the artistic snaps from your first few days using MSC’s hi-speed internet. After spending a day each in some of Italy and Spain’s most charming port cities, you can move on to Morocco’s french colonialist city of Casablanca. Take a 3 hour coach bus to the old merchant streets of Marrakech; explore the markets filled with aromatic golden and crimson coloured spices, authentic crafts and luxuriant textiles before taking a day tour throughout the rest of Marrakech’s magnificently kitschy surroundings.

After 12-days of non-stop cultural envelopment and adventurous stimulation, your MSC Cruise ship will take you back to your embarking point. At this point, you can choose to continue your adventure or utilize one of the many varied, safe and reliable transportation links that are available in all 9 MSC Cruise embarkation points.

This is just one example of the many Mediterranean trips that you can cater to your exact wants, needs and style. Other points of interest that an MSC Mediterranean cruise can offer you include the South of France, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Tunisia and many more.

With MSC, you can choose a vacation in the realm of 1 to 5 days, 6 to 7 or more than 8 days touring the beautiful Mediterranean sea and the exciting countries at its shore.

For those looking to travel the Mediterranean with only the finest of amenities, Cunard Cruise Lines are second to none. All Cunard cruises depart from England’s South Hampton Shores and many trips do not return to the embarkation point, allowing travellers the opportunity to further explore the nations of the Mediterranean by land. Cunard offers all of the standard cruise services such as city tours, boat rides, water activities and live entertainment (to name a few) but carries them out with the utmost attention to detail and adds a healthy serving of opulence into the mix.

Book Your Next Caribbean Vacation With a Cruise Line and Avoid All the Fuss!

Cruise Line Holidays - Cruise Ship Deck

A Caribbean cruise is the ideal option for anyone looking to clock-out from their hectic everyday lives without all the fuss that is often associated with travel. The choice to book your next Caribbean Cruise vacation with a cruise line is simple; all it requires is arriving at the dock on your day of booking, getting on the ship and letting the cruise take you to several countries along the pristine Caribbean Sea to explore their culture by day and sleep in comfortable quarters by night. This way, you don’t have to worry about booking planes, trains and automobiles in between each destination you so desperately want to see and you mingle with amazing people from all over the world while doing it!

Even though cruises include set dates and times for your exploration from island to island, they are still able to cater to your every need.

With a plethora of cruise lines out there looking to snatch up your business, it’s important to choose a cruise with an impeccable reputation – after all, most of us can only set time away from our busy lives for one or two vacations per year. It would be a shame to waste your hard earned money on a cruise with less than appetising food, uncomfortable beds, unenthusiastic entertainment and most importantly a fine print that leads to a misconstrued idea of the amenities your package will include.

Royal Caribbean and MSC Cruises are an obvious place to start your search. With over two dozen countries to choose from and a cruising season that spans through all of the blistering cold months, booking your vacation with Royal Caribbean or MSC Cruises is a solid choice. Both lines provide tour guides for the various excursions you may wish to partake in during your journey, ensuring a high level of safety and quality throughout. Take a look at the beautiful coral beds and colourful fish with a half-day of snorkeling, finally cross a swim with dolphins off your bucket list, take a 4×4 jeep off-roading across the island, hop on a glass bottom boat, spend a few hours at the market, go whale watching (if the season allows for it), and the list goes on!

Cruise Holiday - Cruise Ship Leaving Port

Cunard Cruise Lines is another reputable vessel to embark on your Caribbean escapade if you’re looking for a slice of luxury. Few other lines can stand a chance at competing with Cunard’s impeccable food, entertainment, accommodation and overall services. The company is currently experiencing 175 years of successful business and offering bottom-of-the-barrel priced deals in celebration of it. While on a Cunard Cruise Line, you can hope to catch a performance by one of the many world-renowned acts they provide regularly for their guests, you can relax with a hot stone massage, and you can wine and dine with some of the most delicious fare and libations your tastebuds will ever meet, among so many other luxuries. During the day, Cunard Cruise Lines enables you to experience all of the usual exhilarating excursions on the islands. Their expertly trained guides can take you through informational animal safaris, arrange for activities like zip-lining adventures, you can spend the day golfing on the island, or basically anything else your heart desires.

Given the right choice of cruise line, a caribbean adventure is an experience that will grant you memories to last a lifetime!